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Why do you list different types of categories with a website named “Purdue Veterans” that seem not to relate to the products you list?  I mean, what in the world is “Purdue Veterans” anyway.  If you are on this website and have these types of questions, then you are not alone.   I used to work at a local magazine many years ago named “Purdue’s Paduka.”  Do to a recession in the 1970’s the little paper shut down, nobody was really advertising, the economy was in a shambles.  After that, as a young man, I knew I had to reinvent myself.

I entered a security school and found my true calling.  For over 40 years I was a security guard at a variety of different places…..everything from malls (yes, Mall Cop) to sub shops.    Although I started out as an actual security guard, I progressed to management and also as a consultant.  What I learned over the years is that EVERYONE should use security devices for their home or office.  In most situations, people think security is something elaborate and high-end. Obviously there are some cases where you need elaborate systems but in most cases, you do not.

What I would like to do through this blog is shed some light on home security products and security products for your office.  As I start, I hope to inform on some of the different products out there and as I write more, show where you can purchase products, how to install them, and other tips regarding these security products.

As of right now, I will cover these basic security categories:

  • security cameras – security cameras are systems that most users think are too expensive and too hard to install.  In my experience, I have learned this is not the case and I will talk about them here.  I will also cover “imitation security cameras” which are used as a crime deterrent.  It is critical to make sure you purchase the right kind of fake security camera.
  • doorbells – when you first think of doorbells or door chimes, you may not think of them as a security product but this cannot be further from the truth.  Here’s  a quick example:   you work in an industrial complex where you get deliveries, sales inquiries, etc.  With a doorbell systems installed at your office, you can lock the front door so no one can walk in unannounced.
  • security mirrors – the dome convex mirrors and convex mirrors you will see in many retail stores.  These products are great crime deterrents and will also allow you to see crime as it is occurring.  I also categorize vehicle inspection mirrors.
  • driveway alarms – I see this mistake over and over again.  Protect your property on the outside, not just the inside of your home.

Please take time to review the site and send me an email.  I look at all feedback.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Purdue Veterans?  Hmm…I just use that name so I will always remember my roots!

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